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LED Office Lighting

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An Office with Computer workstations present complex visual needs. This is why   SJ Green offers the highest quality LED office lighting at an affordable price. Computer operators have different light requirements from workers who read hard copy documents. Glare and monitor screen reflections can produce visual discomfort. Noise and heat can also cause discomfort. With the SJ Green enhanced LED T8 or LED panels, your office will be vibrant without producing the annoying buzzing sound of traditional fluorescent T8’s or the heat. Our LED lights for homes program utilizes your local energy company LED incentives and LED rebates so you can save on your upfront costs.

Commercial LED Lighting 


Traditionally, lighting design has meant little more than selecting and evenly distributing light fixtures to meet a specific level of illumination. At SJ Green, architectural Lighting for commercial interiors breaks free from that sterile approach, presenting a theory and practice of dynamic lighting design suited for the ever-changing environment. We strive to provide all aspects of lighting for your commercial application whether it be LED T8, LED high bay, LED flood lights. Let SJ Green consult with your company today to lower your heat emissions, reduce your energy bill and provide a LED lamp that will last for years to come!


LED Gas Stations Lighting 

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A brightness war has broken out between gas stations throughout the world. The goal is to have the brightest under-canopy lighting in the local market. If one gas station in an area installs lighting with greater brightness, competing stations feel obliged to be brighter still. The result of this escalating process has been a steady increase in the luminance produced by under-canopy lighting with the result that, today, luminance on the apron under the canopy commonly exceed 1000 lx which is more than double the luminance used in many office buildings. At SJ Green, we take a different approach. It’s time to GO GREEN, without sacrificing precious light, by using IP65 LED High Power Tube, super high lumens. Not only can we save you money on the exterior but we can also retrofit your convenience store, parts shop or maintenance garage.

LED Warehouse Lighting 

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The SJ Green High Power Tubes are a great way to reduce emissions, lower your energy bill and save time on lamp replacement. Our long lasting LED high power tube is said to be the wave of the future! Whether you are looking to replace your high energy lamps with an LED T5, Linear LED T8, LED T10 or any sized fluorescent or metal halide, SJ Green is your best supplier. Take your LED industrial lighting to the next level!

LED Hotel & Restaurant Lighting 

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SJ Green has vast experience with restaurant lighting and offers free lighting consultation. Our LED lamps and other lighting design products and services for restaurant independents and for the hospitality industry are entirely based on the GREEN concept of drastically reducing your energy costs. We will help you find the perfect LED lighting solution and we provide custom lighting as well. Our current selection of LED recessed lighting or LED ceiling lights are our most popular application when speaking of LED display Lights.. If we don’t currently sell the LED replacement lamps you need, we will design and manufacture them for you! Among our clients for restaurant lighting are restaurant owners, restaurant chains, major contractors for new construction and many more.

LED School Lighting 

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SJ Green manufacturers classroom lighting to make children more productive using the correct wavelength of light. Whether you need new fixtures or want to retrofit your existing fixtures with new LED lamps, we have the right product for your school LED project. Our flicker-free lamps also reduce stress on children and the low power consumption will drastically reduce your electric bill. Outside the classroom, our LED floodlights are suitable to replace the traditional playground lights. You will be amazed at the efficiency our LED gymnasium lighting! LED longevity massively reduces maintenance costs with a lifespan of 100,000 + hours. From the lighting in your parking lot, to the classrooms or to the hallway, our LED lamps will be a GREEN alternative that will be pleasing to all.


LED Hospital Lighting 

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Reducing the use of Mercury in the healthcare environment is now required by law. LED lighting uses no mercury and increases efficiency, improves safety, improves lighting levels, increases the comfort of patients and employees, reduces air conditioning costs, improves cash flows and cuts down on maintenance costs associated with costly facility downtime. Best of all, health care facilities can now get the benefit of LED tax deductions by taking advantage of LED incentives and LED rebates from the energy companies. From the LED emergency room to LED hallway lights, to LED panel lights, SJ Green will GREEN your operation in ways you have never imagined!

LED Parking Lot & Structure lighting

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LED garage lighting and LED parking lot lights are an excellent application as most parking garage lights burn 24 hours a day during peak electrical rates. Traditional light sources do not favor well from the vibration and harsh environment of vehicle traffic. Public safety favors white light and a high color rendering index such and LEDS are the answer to this continuing issue. LED parking lot lights have extremely long lifetimes which greatly reduce operating costs. Let SJ Green demonstrate how we can save you 80% off your electric bill and save on your maintenance costs. With the recent GREEN initiatives surge, most power companies are offering LED incentives and rebates to counteract the initial cost. SJ Green’s just announced a new product with a built in motion sensor. The garage lights will remain dim until the motion is triggered and then will automatically put out bright white light. This saves even more on your electric bill!

LED Supermarket & Mall lighting

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There are many LED replacement lamps for malls and shopping areas including our complete line of LED parking lot fixtures, indoor Led hallway fixtures, T8 LED replacement lamps and many LED down lights. When considering switching to LED, let us consult with your facility to maximize your savings. We can show you ways to reduce your electric bill up to 80% and reduce your air conditioning use by using our low heat LED applications. It is important in a mall or shopping plaza to have the brightest white possible for your employees and customer’s safety. Reduce the cost of your investment today by taking advantage of government incentives and local energy company rebates!